Pico Rivera In-Home Care: 24-Hour Staff vs. 24-Hour Personalized Care

laguna beachPut yourself in your elderly loved one’s shoes and imagine yourself living in an assisted living facility, long-term care facility or nursing home.  You get your three meals a day; you have a room and perhaps share a room with another senior; there’s a nurse or caregiver who makes her rounds to the different rooms facilities to take your vitals and check for your toileting needs.  You have access to 24-hour staff but do you feel like anyone really cares about you – and you alone?  Do you have a constant companion by your side who will take you out and help you stay connected with your friends and family?  Do you have someone who will respond to you immediately when you have a need, or do you have to wait on an overloaded, tired caregiver or nurse to finish taking care of someone else?  The lack of personalized, compassionate care in aging institutions is what drives many seniors to request live-in care, because they can receive the same minimum assistance and more while living comfortably in their own home.

Benefits of Personalized Elder Care at Home

The saying, “There’s no place like home,” applies to elder care just as much as any other area in life.  A-1 Home Care in Pico Rivera has an outstanding reputation for building a memorable life for seniors in their golden years while ensuring patient safety and preserving dignity.  Having a live-in caregiver for your elderly loved ones doesn’t just help them – it helps you too.  Although you may be able to assist with errands such as grocery shopping or making meals, you could avoid awkward moments when helping your parent take showers or use the restroom.  If you are not professionally trained in toileting and grooming assistance, your good intentions might make the situation worse.  A-1 Home Care’s 24-hour caregivers are certified, seasoned and sensitive.

About A-1 Home Care in Pico Rivera

A-1 Home Care was established in 1991 as a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency for seniors.  Over the years, A-1 Home Care has grown to expand their services to include postpartum care, bipolar care, care for adults and children with disabilities, post-surgery care, and specialized care for Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other health conditions.  A-1 Home Care’s reputation for superior senior care makes it the leading home care agency in Pico Rivera, Whittier, Downey, Cerritos, Pasadena, Burbank, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and other cities throughout LA County.

To find a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care (626) 287-0250 or visit us online www.picoriverainhomecare.com for more details.

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Pico Rivera Home Care: Continuing Care for Sports Injuries or After Surgery

a-1 home care Do you have a loved one who is temporarily incapacitated due to sports injuries or a recent surgery?  A-1 Home Care in Pico Rivera provides excellent 24 hour continuing care to seniors, children, teenagers and adults of all ages.  By definition, continuing care is ongoing care of the physically handicapped and others suffering from chronic physical or mental illness.  We provide in-home continuing care so that individuals can still enjoy recovery in the comfort of their own home, in the presence of family members and friends.  According to an AARP survey, nine out of ten seniors prefer to age in place; we reckon that the same goes for post-surgery patients and older adults who are suffering from terminal illness.

A-1 Home Care recruits only caregivers who exceed industry standards of elder care.  Responsive to Los Angeles’s melting pot, A-1 Home Care in Pico Rivera has an ethnically and culturally diverse pool of caregivers from which you can choose for your in-home continuing care needs.  Whether you recently underwent an operation or need long-term hospice care, our licensed vocational nurses, certified home health aides, certified nurse assistants, hospice care specialists, and postoperative caregivers will assist you in getting the most out of your medical care.  Our round-the-clock home care services include transportation to follow-up medical appointments, monitoring of vital signs, and assistance with meal preparation, light housekeeping, bathing, grooming, and oral hygiene.  You can count on our care managers and caregivers to work with your loved one’s medical team to ensure that your loved one is closely following the doctor’s orders.

Since its inception in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been the leader in the elder care industry, delivering the best of Los Angeles County’s in-home care services to families in Pico Rivera, Downey, Whittier, Cerritos, Covina, Azusa, Temple City, and other cities throughout LA County.  Not only would you receive superb caregiving services, but you enjoy the low rates that no other agency can compete with!  Our care managers will work with your budget, level of needs, and schedule to meet you where you’re at.  You can finance continuing care with our reasonable rates or you can go through Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance.


To find a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care (626) 287-0250 or visit us online www.picoriverainhomecare.com for more details. 

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Pico Rivera Parkinson’s Care: Are Your Brain Cells Burned Out?

a-1 arthritisIn a study published in Current Biology, researchers have discovered that Parkinson’s Disease may be caused by an unusually high energy need of brain cells to control movement.  A team of researchers at the University of Montreal theorizes that this “energy crisis” causes cells to overheat and burn out.  With regard to why brain cells are overheating, further research is necessary.  Symptoms of Parkinson’s include involuntary tremors, slurred speech, limited range of motion, and muscular rigidity.  Early symptoms usually begin on one side of the body, and as the disease worsens, the symptoms stay stronger on the same side where it initially started.  Quality in-home care for seniors with Parkinson’s is available in Pico Rivera and surrounding cities.

Competent Live-In Parkinson’s Care

No matter what stage of Parkinson’s Disease one may be in, daily chores become increasingly difficult for seniors who try to control their own muscular movements.  Little things like writing, picking up a spoon, going to the restroom or brushing one’s teeth becomes tedious.   Losing one’s ability to communicate with friends and family adversely affects one’s most important relationships, causing an emotional disconnect and thereby deepening depression that’s associated with Parkinson’s.  A-1 Home Care in Pico Rivera sees to it that your elderly loved one is taken care of emotionally, mentally and physically.  Family members might not understand what it’s like to have Parkinson’s, but for experienced and compassionate caregivers, Parkinson’s is no stranger.  A-1 Home Care only selects cream-of-the-crop caregivers to care for seniors with this debilitating disease.

Affordable Home Care at Competitive Rates

Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care in Pico Rivera has been serving families and their loved ones for 24 years and is still going strong, thanks to the attentive, caring and competent in-home live-in caregivers who treat your elderly loved ones as their own family members.  Our certified nurse assistants and seasoned caregivers are thoroughly screened and verified, providing a peace of mind and reassurance for family caregivers who need a break or are unable to be there in person for their elderly loved ones.  We believe that quality elder care should not be compromised or out of reach for anyone; therefore, we offer superior Parkinson’s Care at competitive rates that you can’t find anywhere else.  Long-term insurance and Veteran Benefits are also accepted at A-1 Home Care.

To find a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care (626) 287-0250 or visit us online www.picoriverainhomecare.com for more details. Parkinson’s live-in care is also available in La Mirada, Downey, Whittier, Diamond Bar, Chino, West Covina, Fullerton, and surrounding cities.

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Assistance With a Caregiver or a Nanny Near Pico Rivera

Children are usually really excited about Christmas and a way to help them countdown the days is by making a match box countdown calendar. This calendar stars with 24 drawers that children can remove and a small ornament that reminds of them of Christmas will be inside. What you would need for this project is 24 small matchboxes, glue, paper, acrylic paint, ribbons, construction paper, scissors and small treats. Once you obtain 24 matchboxes, remove the matches and glue the boxes in three stacks of eight. Once you are gluing the boxes, place a strip of paper to wrap the sides of the boxes. Using a marker you can write the dates of December 1 through 24.  On the other side of the matchbox calendar, have your child draw of pain a picture that reminds them of Christmas. Once you are done you cab begin by filling the boxes with treats such as candy, pictures or ribbons. Everyday that gets closer to Christmas, children can open the box and receive a small treat as they wait for the big day.

preschoolers and wooden blocks

A-1 Home care has many caregivers available that can assist with this fun and easy project. We also have professional nannies that can spend time with children. Our nannies have experience with children that have special needs, are handicapped or disabled. Our caregivers are CPR certified and have experience in  Arthritis Care, Parkinson Care, Kidney Disease Care, After Surgery Care, Post Stroke Care, Hospital Sitters, Incontinence Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Elder care and more.  Our company is committed to serving the vast communities in Pico Rivera,  Downey, Norwalk, Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Rosemead, San Gabriel, Baldwin Park, and many other areas around Los Angeles and Orange County.

If you need assistance with a caregiver or a nanny near Pico Rivera call 562-929-8400, or visit Pico Rivera In Home Care for more info.  Feel Free to ‘Like’ us on Facebook for updates.

Nannies and Babysitters Near Pico Rivera

Now that the Holidays are right around the corner, it is important to spend time with friends and family. A special way to spend time with family is by participating in fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. On Saturday December 6, 2014, Pico Rivera will hold their annual tree lighting ceremony. This event is free and will have activities for everyone in the whole family to enjoy. The tree lighting ceremony will be held at Pico Rivera City Hall located on 6615 Passons Blvd. Pico Rivera, CA 90660 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. At this event they’re will be a wide range of fun activities for children to enjoy such as a snow area, arts and crafts, food, and a visit from Santa Claus. At this event children will have the opportunity to spend time with Santa Claus as he takes pictures with them and accept their Christmas letters.


If you are interested on attending this event and would like assistance from Nannies to look after your children, A-1 Home Care can help. Our nannies are experienced and can assist children with Autism, ADHD to other Special Needs. We also have Caregivers that can assist Elders as they enjoy these activities. We advice to plan ahead by bringing a Babysitter in order to fully enjoy all the activities at this event.  This event will also have special performances by the students that attend El Rancho High School and performances by the Grammy award winning Miarichi Divas. Most importantly, this fun event will close with a tree lighting ceremony that you wont want to miss! For more information regarding Nannies and babysitters near Pico Rivera, Whittier, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Cerritos, Lakewood, La Mirada, Brea, and surrounding areas, call us today (562) 929-8400 or visit our website A-1 Home Care for more information.

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Caregiving for seniors near Pico Rivera

The city of Pico Rivera has a recently renovated Smith park as well as Rio Vista Park. These park have new playgrounds, soccer fields, softball fields as well as bullpens and batting cages.The newly renovated parks also have a concession stand, a skate park, community center and a swimming pool. Baseball as well as softball games are very exciting and a lot of the residents in this community have a love for this sport. Spectator seating, sunken dugouts, shade shelters, and score boards have even been built in order to make this pass time a lot more enjoyable. It would be a great idea to bring the whole family to enjoy these sports on this newly renovated park.  

If you need assistance with a loved when you go out and visit these parks, A-1 Home Care can help. A-1 Home Care offers many services for elders such Elder Care, care for anyone that suffers with Arthritis and Companion services. Our caregivers can assist elders as they take a walk through these beautiful parks or when they go swimming. A-1 Home Care also has loving Caregivers that can assist your loved one with Special Needs. Our professional Caregivers can also assist as nannies so you and your family can truly enjoy these renovated parks.  

a-1 home care

For more information on caregivers near Pico Rivera, Whittier, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Cerritos, Lakewood, La Mirada, Brea, and surrounding areas, call us today (562) 929-8400 or visit our website A-1 Home Care for more information. 

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Pico Rivera: Special Needs Care for Kids or Adults

preschoolers and wooden blocksProviding care for an adult or child with special needs can be challenging for the primary family caregiver, especially if the family member has not received formal education about the disability.  If you are a parent who works full-time, especially if you are a single parent who cannot afford to take days off from work, having a care provider in your own home will relieve your anxiety tremendously.  Perhaps you have an adult sibling who needs individual attention that other family members cannot give.  Rest assured that Special Needs Care can occur in the comfort of your own home!

A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured agency that pre-screens all of its applicants.  We do not haphazardly assign companions to families, but we see to it that you receive the proper and most compatible care from an experienced, appropriate provider who is knowledgeable about your family’s specific needs.  For over 20 years we have successfully met and exceeded expectations of our clients, who continually refer their friends and families to us over the years.    Whether the disability is mental or physical, it does not matter.  We are here for you every step of the way!

Call us right now (562) 929-8400 to meet our friendly staff and caregivers!  Check out our website http://picoriverainhomecare.com to see what we offer for Pico Rivera, Downey, Whittier, Cerritos, Lakewood, Long Beach and surrounding areas. 

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